P2P (Peer to Peer) Lending Investments and Rates

Start building a diversified portfolio of loan investments today and you can start earning returns previously only available to traditional lenders.

Calculate Your Estimated Return


Estimated Returns

Invested Amount


min. $50
Loan Term(s)

3 Years

Risk and Rate1
Estimated Monthly Repayments1

2,018 to 5,250

Estimated Total Interest1: $X – $X

Competitive Rates

Fixed rates of interest from 7.04% to 29.53%.

Flexibility and Choice

Invest the way you want to invest. Whether that means “handpicking” each loan you would like to invest in or simply picking the rate and term of your investment and leaving us to do the rest.


Reduce your portfolio risk and volatility in your returns by diversifying your investment across multiple loans with as little as $50 in Loan Units linked to any single loan.

Regular Cash Flow

Fixed principal and interest repayments means you receive regular cash flow that can be automatically reinvested or withdrawn.

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3 quick and easy steps to start investing


Start investing today by clicking the “Register to Invest” button below and complete our simple online application form.


Once we verify you via email, simply transfer funds into your personal OurMoneyMarket account. We will email you the correct account details or simply locate them via your personal investor dashboard under ‘Transfer Funds’.


You can now browse the marketplace and build your own portfolio, investing as little as $50 in Loan Units linked to any single loan, or if you like, simply pick the rate and term of your investment via our Quick Invest option and we’ll take care of the rest.


The Australian P2P lending market has been growing in recent years with entrants like OurMoneyMarket offering competitive returns to investors. At the core of the traditional peer to peer lending model is the idea of cutting out the middleman. This means cutting out traditional lenders (e.g. banks) and matching investors with borrowers by using technology. P2P investing is an asset class that sits within the realm of fixed income investments. OurMoneyMarket offers online P2P lending investments to both retail and institutional investors who are looking to invest in consumer loans. Consumer loans on the OurMoneyMarket marketplace consist of unsecured loans to consumers. Investors can invest amounts as small as $50 into many loans to ensure a well-diversified loan portfolio. With OurMoneyMarket, there are three ways that investors can invest:

  • Build a “shopping cart” of personal loans by reviewing and selecting individual loans;
  • Quick Invest allows investors to choose from a conservative, balanced or high yield investment portfolio by simply entering their own investment criteria and how much they would like to invest; and
  • Auto Invest which automatically reinvests principal and/or interest repayments based on investment criteria set by the investor.

P2P rates earned by investors investing in P2P loans vary by marketplace lender. With OurMoneyMarket, your potential return depends on the tenor and credit risk you’d like to take. Investors seeking more risk are rewarded with higher returns to compensate for default risk and interest rate risk.

Check out OurMoneyMarket’s PDS here for more information on the risks associated with investing.

Rates & Fees

We’re currently offering rates of return between 7.04% p.a. and 29.53% p.a. depending on the level of risk you are willing to take1

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