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3 Easy Ways to Save Money When You Travel

OurTips-P2P-Investing-OurMoneymarket 3 Easy Ways to Save Money When You Travel

#1 Save 10% Every Time You Fly!

If you haven’t heard of Webjet and Jetstar’s Price Match Guarantee then it is likely you are wasting both time and the opportunity to save money when booking domestic flights within Australia! Webjet is a great search engine tool for flights, allowing you to quickly compare all flight prices offered by Qantas, Virgin, Jetstar, Rex and Tigerair. Here’s our tip for finding the best flight for you:

    1. Visit the Webjet website at https://www.webjet.com.au;
    2. Search for available flights by entering your preferred travel dates and destination;
    3. Check if there is a Jetstar flight departing within one hour (before or after) of the cheapest flight available. If there is, and that Jetstar flight is more expensive than the other airline, then Jetstar will beat that other airline’s flight cost by 10%! Claiming the discount is easy; simply complete a quick form found at the below link and Jetstar will email you a link to pay for the flight within an hour of submitting the form (https://www.jetstar.com/au/en/price-beat-guarantee). We suggest looking for the closest Tigerair flight to when you’d like to depart, as they are usually a fair bit cheaper than most, then getting Jetstar to beat it by 10%. This just might save you $100 or more!;
    4. The last step is to book your flight. Always remember to book your flight through the chosen airline’s actual website (e.g. the Jetstar website). This will help you to avoid paying any additional third-party booking fees.

#2 Pick the Right Mode of Transport

Before travelling around a country (or continent) do your research on the cost of different modes of transport. For example, in South America, while internal flights can be really expensive, overnight bus trips (while long!) can be a great cheap alternative. The buses are usually very comfortable, you often get fed and more importantly you save on a night’s accommodation! In Europe on the other hand, internal flight prices offered by the budget airlines (like easyJet and Ryanair) are often very cheap. Once in a city, walking, cycling and public transport are a must. Not only will you take in more of the local sites, but you will save a considerable amount of money. Train systems generally work the same wherever you go, so it should be an easy way to get around no matter what country you’re in or the native language spoken.

#3 Save Money and Travel Light

Travelling light will not only help you save money by avoiding fees to check in your luggage but will also save you your sanity! Plan ahead for the climate, pack accordingly and forget the rest. This will make packing to leave a hostel bearable, it will make your backpack carriable and you will avoid stressful moments at the airport where you need to decide which items will be boarding the flight. You may also have room for a few souvenirs! Then there is the option of wearing four layers of clothing each time you fly…we don’t recommend doing this, but it’s certainly an option 😛

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