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An innovative and experienced team, looking to revolutionise the way we do finance.

OurMoneyMarket’s aim is to create a fairer and more efficient financial marketplace for everyone. A place where all our interests are aligned. A place where your financial needs or goals can be met. We think we can all do better if we work together.

Steve Weston

Steve is the Chairman of the OMM Group companies. Steve’s skills and experience includes over 30 years of experience in financial services working across retail banking, business banking, commercial banking and consulting, including advising some of Australia’s largest financial institutions on conduct risk and digital transformation.

Steve’s most recent position was as CEO of Mortgages at Barclays, London, where he was responsible for transforming Barclays mortgages into a business that is admired globally for its innovation and operational efficiency. Prior to this role, Steve was the Managing Director for Retail Lending at Barclays, London, where he was responsible for Barclays personal lending. During his time in this role Steve helped position Barclays as one of the leading retailing banking businesses in Europe, known in particular for the way it leverages “big data” and the way customers are engaged using their digital channels.

Steve sounds like he’s tech savvy…but his daughters say he’s still learning to use his iPhone.

Adam Sutherland
Founder & CEO

Adam is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of OMM Group companies. Adam has over 5 years’ experience in financial services, starting with National Australia Bank where he gained experience across the broad spectrum of banking, including retail, agribusiness and business banking, wholesale finance and securitisation.

Adam is one of those big Man Utd fans that has never been to Manchester.

Bruce Sutherland
Co-Founder & Director

Bruce is a co-founder and director of OMM Group companies. For the past 15 years Bruce has co-founded and managed several start-up businesses in healthcare, financial planning and retail sales. Prior to this Bruce had more than 20 years in banking holding various roles in Australia with Barclays and Chase AMP Bank and in the UK with Barclays Mercantile Aircraft Finance, ANZ International Merchant Bank and on the Board of Directors of Hambros Bank Limited.

Bruce insists he still occasionally goes surfing…we’re not convinced.

Marjana Cvetanoska
Responsible Manager

Marjana is responsible for overseeing OurMoneyMarket’s compliance with its regulatory obligations. Marjana has over 15 years of legal experience within the financial services industry in Asia Pacific and Australia and more than eight years of leadership and senior management experience gained within an international financial services organisation. Marjana is also a Director and a Responsible Manager of a number of Australian Corporate entities within the financial services industry.

When Marjana’s not working, she enjoys taking time out with her son…and then working some more.

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