Dealing with banks can be frustrating when you apply for a personal loan. That’s why at OurMoneyMarket, we make things easy. Our 5 minute application is designed so you can quickly apply for a personal loan and then get on with your life, while we do all the work for you. Our same-day approvals mean that you can apply for a personal loan just before your big purchase. There’s no longer any need to apply for a personal loan two weeks in advance to ensure you receive your funds in time. Simply find what you’re looking to buy, give us a call or complete our online application form, and take comfort knowing your funds are on the way. Just how long does it take to receive your funds after you apply for a personal loan with us? Many customers can’t believe how quick it is for them to receive their funds. If we receive all of the documents required to assess your application, we can settle your funds in three business days! So, not only do we do same-day approvals, but we can also do same-week settlement! So, the next time you think “apply for personal loan“, know that with OurMoneyMarket it just that bit more convenient. As an added level of convenience, we also pay directly to the merchant. This cuts out the unnecessary step of us transferring the funds to you, and then you transferring them to the merchant. Our objective is to make the process from when you apply for a personal loan, to when you pick up your purchase, as simple for you as possible! How does this process work? You find the item you’re looking to buy and receive an invoice. Once we receive the invoice from you and your loan has been approved, we take your invoice and pay directly to the payment details provided. Once the funds are sent, we notify the merchant that the payment has been made. The merchant can then contact you to let you know your item is ready to be picked up. As simple and easy as that! Do you have any questions for us? If you have any questions before you apply for a personal loan with us, please give us a call on 1300 990 115. Alternatively, if you’re ready to apply for a personal loan with us, simply visit OurMoneyMarket and fill out our easily to follow 5 minute application form.