Cash Advance with an OurMoneyMarket Personal Loan

money-3-1024x731 Low Rate Cash Advance

Cash Advance is a terminology you may hear online lenders use in the personal loan market. Don’t confuse this with a cash advance on a credit card which attracts a very high rate of interest. A cash advance with a lender like OurMoneyMarket is just another name for a cash personal loan. This means that the loan amount will be deposited into your bank account as cash. Like all OurMoneyMerket personal loans, the interest rate you pay on the cash advance will be based on your credit history.

OurMoneyMarket is a peer to peer lender. Peer to peer lending is when everyday people, just like you, invest small amounts of money in other peoples loans! By enabling everyday people to borrow and lend to one another we can cut out the middle man. Meaning you can get a lower rate on your cash loan and people lending the money can get a competitive rate on their savings! It is that simple.

So before you go and draw cash on your credit card again. Avoid the high interest rates and large fees by taking out a convenient OurMoneyMarket cash loan. We will provide you with same day approval and have the funds in your account in no time. Furthermore, because all the loans have a fixed maturity date, every repayment you make will be reducing the total amount of money you owe. So you can rest assure that you will be working your way towards being debt free!

Not sure how your OurMoneyMarket interest rate compares to other lenders? Fill out our Quick Rate Quote form to find out your rate (should only take a couple of minutes and won’t impact your credit score!). Then check out the OurMoneyMarket Comparison Rate Calculator.

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