Education Loans

OurMoneyMarket has teamed up with education providers so you can the funds you need to invest in your future.

An OurMoneyMarket education loan is an unsecured personal loan designed to help borrowers pay for expenses related to education. Education loans can be used to pay for any of the following:

  • school fees;
  • to pay for further post-secondary education (e.g. a TAFE course, a Master’s Degree, the CFA program etc.)
  • or to pay the costs associated with professional development (e.g. attending industry conferences, leadership development courses and other short courses).
  • Invest in your future today with an OurMoneyMarket education loan.

    Therefore, if you think it is time to take the next step in your career, consider an OurMoneyMarket Study Loan. It can assist you in making that all important investment in your career. What’s more, all loans are personalised to your circumstances. Meaning, borrowers with good credit history get low rates on loans and borrowers with bad credit history get a second chance at a loan. Education Loans

    OurMoneyMarket’s peer to peer lending model works to deliver you the best possible deal by matching people who want to borrow money directly with people who want to lend money. This direct peer to peer relationship means we cut out the middle man and pass on the savings to you! It is that simple.

    As an OurMoneyMarket borrower, you will receive flexible loan terms and a rate that reflects your credit history. Further, with no prepayment fees or early exit fees you can borrow the money today and repay as early as you like!

    To get your free, no obligation rate quote simply fill out our Quick Rate Quote form here (this won’t impact your credit score!). If you’re happy with the loan offer simply proceed to apply with a formal application.

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