Online Debt Consolidation Loan

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Low Rate Debt Consolidation Loans

Gone are the days where you need to pay an expert to help refinance your debts. With OurMoneyMarket, you can now receive same-day approval to refinance your debts with an online debt consolidation loan. Simply tell us which debts you need paid off and we will tailor a loan that’s right for you. OurMoneyMarket will pay off credit card balances and higher-rate loans, leaving you with one, easy to manage, fixed rate repayment.

So how do you know if an online debt consolidation loan is right for you?

    (1) Do you have credit card debt? – If you find yourself making the minimum monthly repayment or unable to clear the balance each month, then read on. Interest rates on credit cards are typically greater than 20%. OurMoneyMarket offers fixed-rate personal loans, and for good credit, often at rates significantly lower than the banks. By refinancing today, you could be (1) saving yourself interest; (2) getting out of debt faster; and (3) reducing the number and amount of payments you are making each month to lenders. This leaves more cash and less stress for you.
    (2) Is it becoming difficult and stressful to keep track of all your scheduled repayments? OurMoneyMarket offers flexible loan terms and repayment options. You can make repayments weekly, fortnightly or monthly. By refinancing with OurMoneyMarket today, you will no longer need to keep track of when payments are due. You will just have one single weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayment which can be scheduled for when you get paid.
    (3) Is your monthly repayment amount too high to manage? OurMoneyMarket offers 3, 5 and 7-year loan terms, meaning you can tailor a scheduled repayment amount that works for you.

Check out the OurMoneyMarket Debt Consolidation Calculator. It will help you compare how much interest you will save by refinancing your debts with an OurMoneyMarket personal loan.

OurMoneyMarket offers free, no obligation interest rate quotes. So if you answered yes to any of the above you have nothing to lose by checking your eligibility! Simply fill out our Quick Rate Quote form here (this won’t impact your credit score!). If you’re happy with the loan offer simply proceed to apply with a formal application.

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