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Online personal loan lenders like OurMoneyMarket offer a 100% online application form. As a result, borrowers can now apply for a personal loan using nothing more than a mobile. This means no more queues, no more printing and quicker approval times. Furthermore, OurMoneyMarket provides same day approvals, and if approved, you can manage your loan entirely online! What’s more, unlike traditional lenders, OurMoneyMarket provides loans to match your unique circumstances. This means that good borrowers get lower rates on personal loans. What’s more, borrowers with a shaky credit history can get a second chance at a loan.

So what are the benefits of using online personal loan lenders?

    (1) No obligation interest rate quote: Many online lenders, like OurMoneyMarket, provide interest rate quotes that tailor the loan rate based on the borrower’s unique circumstances. As part of the application, OurMoneyMarket offers borrowers a no obligation interest rate quote prior to proceeding to a full application. This gives the borrower an idea of the rate and likelihood of being approved prior to making a formal credit enquiry. As a result, the borrower’s credit file is protected.
    (2) Personalised Interest Rates: OurMoneyMarket provides personalised rates based on your unique circumstances. This means that borrowers with a good credit history are rewarded with low rate loans and borrowers with recently improved credit performance are given a second chance at a loan.
    (3) Convenience: Borrowers can apply online for a loan with OurMoneyMarket at any time of the day or night. Supporting documentation can also be provided online, removing the need to log in elsewhere or print anything. This is a huge convenience to people who are living busy lives. Borrowers receive instant feedback when applying via the online application form, with conditional approval given in less than 30 seconds. Approved borrowers get a personal OurMoneyMarket online account where they can track and manage their loan.
    (4) Quick Processing times: OurMoneyMarket processed applications the same day you apply. Therefore, applicants are not left waiting for an outcome on their application, which can happen often happen with more traditional lenders.

Lastly, OurMoneyMarket focuses on you. Its online lending model, means you can get a lower rate on a personal loan and as a result save cash. What’s more, OurMoneyMarket’s culture focuses on delivering the best service to you

Find out what rate you’re eligible for? Fill out our Quick Rate Quote form here without impacting your credit score! It’s free and there is no obligation to take out finance. If you’re happy with the loan offer simply proceed to apply with a formal application. It is that easy.

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