Personal Loan & Debt Consolidation Loan

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You can obtain an online personal loan at a rate as low as 8.05% p.a. or 9.06% comparison rate*. Stop dreaming and start living with an OurMoneyMarket personal loan. Click Here to Apply Now!

Are you a good borrower that deserves better than a “one-size-fits-all” flat interest rate? At OurMoneyMarket, your interest rate is based on your credit score. This means that if you are a good borrower, you will be rewarded with a low interest rate personal loan. That’s marketplace personal loans for you! We look to give credit where credit’s due.

The best personal loan providers should be giving you some indication of whether you’re a good credit? We can provide you with an interest rate quote before you formally apply for a personal loan! This means that your credit score won’t be impacted. To get this quote, simply complete the Sign Up form and then the Quick Rate Quote form (should only take a couple of minutes!). Simply click here.

At OurMoneyMarket, we offer our borrowers unsecured personal loans for terms of one, two, three, five or seven years. As can offer an online personal loan borrower’s can repay the personal loan over weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments. If you choose to make extra repayments or repay your personal loan early, you will pay no prepayment fees or early exit fees.

Personal loans are commonly used to help pay for a new car, pay for home improvement or home renovations, travel, weddings, legal bills, dental and medical work, cosmetic surgery, veterinary bills, home renovations and for further study.

Another good use is for debt consolidation, otherwise knows as an online debt consolidation loan. If you have outstanding debt on various high interest credit cards (costing you a small fortune in interest payments!) then refinancing this debt into one low rate personal loan is a great option. Not only will you only have to manage payments on one loan vs. various credit cards, but you will be pay significantly less interest!