Short Term Loans

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OurMoneyMarket is an online lender that provides Short Term Loans to those with good or bad credit history. We take into consideration your personal circumstances when assessing your loan and provide a personalized rate tailored to you. The loan application process is 100% online and can be completed in less than 7 minutes. Once you’re approved for a short term loan you can have funds in your account the same day! The minimum loan term with OurMoneyMarket is one year.

With no prepayment fees and no early exit fees, you can create a loan term that works for you! Start with an OurMoneyMarket loan term of three, five or seven years and simply repay your loan earlier than scheduled for free! As an OurMoneyMarket borrower, you will pay no prepayment fees or early exit fees for making extra repayments or repaying your personal loan early. So make your personal loan work for you today!

Get access to fast cash at lower rates than you have seen before. We provide the cash you need to get you through the rough patches or pay for that bill that you didn’t see coming. Need to pay for a plumber, fix the air conditioner or pay for your kids school fees. We get it, sometime life serves you lemons so we help you make lemonade! OurMoneyMarket’s peer to peer loans means borrowers can post a request for funds and have everyday people fund it the very same day. Because we are using peer to peer lending, we can cut out the middle man, meaning that borrowers can get lower rates and investors a better rate on their savings. It is just our way of trying to provide short term loans to borrowers at the lowest possible rates!

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