Travel Loans

Holiday-Loans-Lebanon-1024x678 Travel Loans & Holiday Loans

An OurMoneyMarket travel loan is a cash personal loan to help you pay for your next adventure. You can take out travel loans to pay for a travel package deal, to cover the cost of travel expenses such as airfares and accommodation or as extra spending money for your trip.

So is a travel loan right for you? If you don’t have enough savings to fund your trip and you won’t have the money to pay off a high interest credit card or travel card quickly, then a travel loan may be the way to go. The benefits of taking out a travel loan include (1) you can borrow up to $35,000 today and pay this back at a fixed rate over time; (2) you will receive conditional approval instantly and formal approval within 24 hours, so you won’t need to wait until you have enough savings before you can travel; (3) if you have a good credit history then your OurMoneyMarket rate will typically be lower than that on a credit card or travel card; and (4) OurMoneyMarket personal loans are unsecured so you will not need to provide security to borrow money.

So whether you’re planning a special getaway with your partner, your next family trip, or your next big adventure, OurMoneyMarket can provide the holiday loan you need to make it happen. OurMoneyMarket offers cheap travel loans for those with good credit history and loans for those that deserve a chance.

As an OurMoneyMarket borrower, you will receive flexible loan terms and a rate that reflects your credit history. To get your free, no obligation rate quote simply fill out our Quick Rate Quote form here (this won’t impact your credit score!). If you’re happy with the loan offer simply proceed to apply with a formal application.