Wedding Loans

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So your big day is approaching. You picture exactly in your mind how you want the day to look and it is just perfect. Problem is you don’t have sufficient funds to make it happen. At OurMoneyMarket we can offer something borrowed for something new. OurMoneyMarket’s low rate wedding loans are the perfect finance solution to turn your dream wedding into an instant reality. By completing a quick online application with OurMoneyMarket we can obtain pre-approved finance to pay for everything you need. That means no more awkward conversations with wedding planners and event specialists. When planning your wedding you will know exactly what is in your budget with pre-approved finance amounts up to $35,000 over 1, 2, 3, 5 or 7 years! When you’re ready to make a payment simply call OurMoneyMarket and ask us to send the funds to your account. It is that easy!

A wedding loan is a cash personal loan to help pay for your wedding expenses. These expenses may include paying for an engagement party, a hen’s night, a buck’s party or a honeymoon. Oh, and the wedding day! If you’re lucky you’ll get some financial help from your family to add to your wedding savings. For those who don’t, or those that need some extra spending money, OurMoneyMarket offers unsecured personal loans just for this purpose!

OurMoneyMarket’s peer to peer loans are a great way to obtain an affordable finance solution so that you can pay for the moments that matter.

Unsure of how much cash you need (if any at all!)? Check out the OurMoneyMarket Wedding Budget Planner and OurMoneyMarket Wedding Checklist to help plan the big day. The tools are completely free with no obligation to take out a personal loan!

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